The lactate curve

„Step by step“ test – the lactate curve

What do you get from this test? What happens during this test?

This is one of the most frequent tests in professional endurance sport (cycling, jogging).

The purpose of this examination is to establish an aerobic (AEP) and unaerobic (ANP) limit.

This test will give an objective picture of the current intensity of your training and its shortcomings.

The values of lactate, the heart frequecy and the watt output tells you something about the shape you are in, and produces a comparison of your training results.

The examination consists of 4-10  escalating weights – phases (1 phase takes 3 minutes).  After each phase, a sample is taken of your capillary blood (from earlobe or finger) to establish the level of lactate in your blood.  Of these 4-6 values, the lactate curve is established to determine exactly your personal AEP or ANP.

The test also includes an examination to establish the COMPOSITION OF YOUR BODY.

The COMPOSITION OF YOUR BODY is the key indicator, for most athlestes, highly correlated to a sports performance. This methodology of mearurment allows you to establish the percentages of hypodermic fet, muscle mass, bones and the rest. The somatologic type, ATH, WHR, BMI etc. can also be established by using this mehtod.

Olympia 3.3 device: the top-notch technology. This technology can analyse an organism thoroughly. It gives you a number of parameters quickly and simply, including:


–              the weight of cellular and extracellular fluid,

–              the amount of water and proteins in your body,

–              an estimate of biological age,

–              the active body weight,

–              the weight of fats and muscles,

–              the body mass index

–              and a lot more


The test itself is carried out on the CYCLUS RBM simulator, which can house your own bike (mountain or road one). The front and rear cradle gets fixed into the simulator, so you don”t even need to bring the front and rear wheels with you. The advantage of taking the test on your own bike is the right adjustment of your seat. If you can”t bring your own bike to the test, we have our own road bikes with adjustable seats to get as close as possible to your optimal settings. We recommend to take cycling shoes with the SPD systém with you. If you are using a system other than SPD, you will need to bring your own pedals. We can attach universal pedals with straps for beginners who don”t have this equipment yet. So if you are a beginner, please bring at least suitable sport shoes to the test.

Please bring sportswear with you. We recommend cycling wear made of functional materials. It is good to have cycling gloves and a headband, as well as a towel to dry your sweat. The test itself takes between 20 and 40 minutes, so it”s also good to have something to drink during the test. Showers are available after the test. The results of the test will be processed right after the test, so that Dr. Karel Martienek can explain them to you during the appointment that ensues.

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